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Autumn Landscape

Softwares: Maya, Arnold, Photoshop, Nuke
Final Video with Breakdowns and Credits

Responsible for layout, lighting, look development, and compositing. Assets from CG Trader/Quixel. Textures (with adjustments) from Quixel. Set extension images from Unsplash. HDRIs from Polyhaven. Inspiration from paintings by Claude Lorrain and Jasper Francis Cropsey. Further research and inspiration from various sources. Reference from Unsplash, Getty Images, and various sources. Sound from Mixkit.

For this project I chose to create a scene of an autumn landscape. My goal was to create a scene showing the peacefulness and beauty of nature, and I completed this project for my Senior Studio II class in my last quarter at SCAD! For this project I sourced the textures from Quixel, adjusting them within Maya as well as in Photoshop. I also used Substance Painter for one small part, which was to create a mask for where the edge of the land meets the water to use in a layer shader to blend the edge with leaves.

For more information on research, process, and more, please visit my process blog:

Lighting and Layout/Composition Reference
Images from Unsplash.
Look Development Reference
Images from Unsplash and various sources.
Primary Shading Networks
Scene Set Up
Nuke Script
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