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Birdhouse Model

Softwares: Maya, Photoshop, Arnold, Nuke, Premiere Pro

Final Render
Outside my window are two birdhouses that have watched the sun rise and set for 12 years, since my sister and I painted and placed them in the tree in our front yard. They remind me of childhood, of tiny bottles of craft paint and plastic brushes, of warm summer days and playing outside - of time passing. We may be a little more grown now, but still they sit in the gentle breeze, a time capsule of days past.

Responsible for modeling and look development for birdhouse, and lighting. Tree created with Maya Paint FX Trees Mesh preset. HDRI for lighting and background by Greg Zaal on HDRIHaven.

Birdhouse Modeled in Maya, Textures created in Photoshop, Rendered in Arnold.

The aspect of this project I loved most was learning the techniques for each part of the process, including modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, lighting, and putting the final scene together. I really enjoyed challenging myself and doing the research on each step to bring the vision in my head to life.


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