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City of Angels

Softwares: Maya, Arnold, Photoshop

Responsible for all aspects except textures from HDRI by Greg Zaal on HDRIHaven. Background image by Leio McLaren on Unsplash. Grass, trees, and flowers created with Paint FX.


This project came as a result of a collaborative exchange between myself and several classmates. We each made a playlist of music, and then each person was anonymously assigned someone else's playlist. We then each created an environment that we felt matched the mood of the group of songs we received. 

The songs on the playlist I was given reminded me of the end of a summer day, watching the sun go down over the horizon with your friends after a happy day spent in the sun. It reminded me of the more quiet summer moments, where the world seems to calm down and slip away into the still warm air. One song on the list referenced Los Angeles in the title and immediately I envisioned the scene set in the City of Angels, a bright landscape of dreamers and storytellers. Modeled in Maya, Rendered in Arnold.

Work In Progress Renders
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