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Match to Live Action in Motion

Softwares: Maya, Arnold, Nuke

Revisited Iteration (Summer 2021)

Towards the end of summer I went back to this piece to make a few adjustments based on suggestions I received at a portfolio review! I reworked the pump animation to be more realistic, adjusted the bottle texture to fix a stretching issue, and fixed geometry faceting at the bottom of the bottle. 

Responsible for lighting, shading, animation, and compositing. Plate and model (with adjustments) courtesy of Vanicha Suwansiri. 

Original Iteration (Winter 2021)


Final Render
This project was a really great challenge to work on. By working with a set of reference images I was able to determine and match up the keylight position, and use a chrome ball image to create a dome for fill light. It really changed the way I approach and look at lighting, as it trained my eye to look for the small details needed to achieve photorealism.


Nuke Tree

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