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"Hugo" Mood Match and Alterations

Softwares: Maya, Arnold, Nuke, Photoshop

Responsible for all aspects except flower, character, and cafe chair models (from Turbosquid and Mixamo), and select textures from and TextureHaven. HDRI from HDRIHaven. Glow created in compositing using Stuart Lashley's exponential glow gizmo, and vignette using Wes Heo's vignette gizmo.
Revisited Iteration (Summer 2021)

This summer I decided to go back to this project and rerender the original mood match to implement feedback from a portfolio review! The biggest change in lighting was making the teal color come from tinted glass in Maya, rather than a masked effect in compositing. By doing this, I was able to get the green tint that was missing in the shadows as well as teal highlights on the posts in the back. I also made a more subtle camera move, as well as a few adjustments in compositing.
Camera Move
Hugo, Cinematographer: Robert Richardson
Original Iteration (Winter 2021)

I absolutely loved getting to explore environment lighting through this project. Working to match a reference image from a film taught me to evaluate how light color, position, and intensity affect and or create a mood. The lighting of Hugo is so beautifully unique and romantic, and it was such a great challenge working to replicate it in 3D. 

Mood Match Final Render & Reference
Mood Alterations Final Renders & References
Getty Images
Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Cinematographer:  Dan Mindel
Alternate Camera Position
Image Assessments
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