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OSL Shaders with Custom Primvars

Softwares: Maya, Renderman

Responsible for lighting and shading. Deer model from Turbosquid.


My favorite part of this project was getting to experiment and explore. It was really interesting to see how the patterns would change depending on the order of the OSL nodes and which plugged into which attribute. I had also never used Renderman on the SCAD Renderfarm before, so while troubleshooting was frustrating at times ultimately it really helped develop my problem solving skills. I think that the most difficult part of the project for me was the beginning, as it was my first time working with OSL. It took some time to understand the math and concepts behind working with the shaders, but once it clicked there were endless possibilities to explore.

Final Renders
Basic Pattern Examples
Cross Shader Code
Donut Shader Code
Circle Shader Code
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