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Paper Performances

Softwares: Maya, Renderman, Photoshop, Nuke

Responsible for all aspects except textures from Hamlet text from Glow created in compositing using Stuart Lashley's exponential glow gizmo.

Revisited Iteration (Summer 2021)

I first completed this project in Winter 2021 for one of my classes at SCAD. I was incredibly proud of this piece, but when looking back I felt I could do better. In Summer 2021 I decided to revisit the project and make some changes including a new camera move, some shader edits, and compositing work. I also implemented feedback from a portfolio review, which was to add an extra layer of detail to the book cover as well as the table.

July 2021
August 2021
Original Iteration (Winter 2021)

Final Render
The first challenge of this project for me was to decide on my idea for the Pop-Up Book. I knew I wanted to create something that would feel like its own little world, something that feels almost nostalgic in a way. I grew up in New Jersey and have wonderful memories of going to see Broadway shows with my family as a child.  I have always loved the timeless elegance and classical aesthetic of theaters, and really wanted to capture that feeling in this project. 

Modeled in Maya, Some textures created in Photoshop, Rendered with Renderman.

Working with Renderman for the first time was definitely a challenge and a steep learning curve, but I loved the process of getting to explore all the settings and experiment with shaders and lighting. The lighting was definitely the most challenging aspect of this project for me. It took several iterations to get to a result that I was happy with, but my lighting skills definitely improved and I am a better artist for it. Overall, I am really happy with how this project turned out and I am looking forward to further experimenting with and learning about Renderman.

Final Renders
Modeling & Wireframe
Paper Explorations
References from Unsplash.
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