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Senior Studio II - Post #09

Since my last post I worked on a few different areas. I continued some optimization and wrapped up the preparation for the last tree asset, and decided to combine all of the leaves for each tree back into one object to make the files a lot lighter. There were a few UV set issues that I resolved as well. The third tree (the oak) was causing a good amount of slow down because of the history on it and how heavy it was, but after a few file crashes I was able to get it under control and reference it into the scene easily. This tree also had UV issues, but due to the amount of detail and geometry there is and how long it would take, I did not think it made sense to spend the time to fix it. Instead I am making sure to not use it for close up shots and only at mid distance where it should hold up. At this point each of the three trees has had the UVs checked and adjusted where needed, and the geometry checked with the clean up tool for issues.

I populated the set with more of each of the three trees (White Oak, Red Maple, and Tulip Tree), and the overall layout is there. I plan to tweak and adjust as needed as I go, but I also added some additional assets to help fill the space. These were assets like just the trunks of maple and oak trees (which I did to help make it feel more full without having the extra poly counts for the leaves and detail branches), as well as some generic small trees for the back. These small trees will just be opacity maps on planes to save on poly counts. These additional assets came from Quixel. I still need to decide how to go about the leaves on the close up shot, as what is there right now is just test geometry.

I also adjusted the last shot, and the previs should be set.

(Note that there was a UV set issue with one of the tree types in this playblast which has now been resolved).

I plan to continue optimizing as needed as I go, and working on the close up leaves or any other adjustments to layout or set dressing as I go, but my focus now is to work on lighting and look development.

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