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Senior Studio II - Post #11

My focus since my last post has been working on the base shaders for the scene. I set up my look development rig and then started work on some of the shaders, but the scene was very dark and saturated with a lot of contrast. I was concerned there was a color management issue with ACES, however after speaking with Professor Gaynor for additional help and critique I knew it was only that the HDR had far too much blue sky and the overall lighting needed to be adjusted. I felt that the main lighting scene had similar issues, so I will be revisiting it with these adjustments in mind as well.

Once I had reset up the look development rig, I revisited the couple of shaders I had already made and continued working on the shaders for the three main trees, focusing on the subsurface scattering.

The macbeth chart is a resource from Professor Gaynor's classes. HDRIs from both look development rig iterations from Polyhaven. I also chose a texture set from Quixel for the close up maple leaf asset, and plan to use the same texture set on the leaves of the tree:

I had picked out an oak leaf set of textures from Quixel as well, but want to find one like the maple asset above which is one leaf instead of multiple on one map in order to have higher texture resolution.

First Look Development Rig

Adjusted Look Development Rigs with Look Dev References

Tulip Tree (Image from

General Subsurface Scattering Reference (from Unsplash)

I set up the look development rig file for the remaining assets, I now just need to set up the file for the close up maple leaf and complete the base shaders.

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