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Visit Savannah Project - Post #04

The last couple of days have mainly focused on the edit of all of the footage we have captured. We cut together our first edit on Tuesday (1/17), and began to have conversations about sound. On Wednesday (1/18), we held a meeting to officially choose what music we wanted and begin adjusting the edit to it. Our next step is to further adjust the edit to align with the beats of the music, which we plan to work on tomorrow (1/19).

Below is the first pass of our edit with sound. (Thank you to our professor for the song recommendation!)

Songs: Dream (Johnny Mercer) and Georgia on My Mind (Stuart Gorrell).

During this meeting our producer Shane also gave an overview of Shotgrid, which we will be using for production management.

I also continued work on modeling for VS_070. I worked on smoothing out some faceting as well as building out the background. There are still some changes and tweaks I would like to make, and then I will begin UV layout.



In between model edits I also developed the camera move for this shot. The first pass was placed in the edit shown above as previs, but I have since adjusted the camera move. The most up to date version is shown below.

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