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Visit Savannah Project - Post #05

For this update our primary goal was to have a new version of our edit which included playblasts of the CG shots, as well as editing adjustments based on the music. Our compositors also added work in progress renders of a few of their shots. We consider this edit to be locked. There are certain shots we would also like to go out and reshoot to get higher quality.

We met over zoom on Monday (1/23) to make the changes to the edit. Alexis had the Premiere file open and shared her screen, and we were able to watch and listen to it together and decide on adjustments to make.

To include in this update, I also set up test geometry to get an idea of what camera angle and move we want for the second CG shot I will be completing, which is VS_040 (the rose window). This shot will include a lot of detailed texture and shader work, so I decided on a slow and steady camera move to best show that detail.

I also continued work on the SCAD sign shot (VS_070). I was able to add the finishing touches to the models with beveling and finishing the geometry for the SCAD emblem. I also came across some geometry issues that needed to be fixed, and made sure that was taken care of so that the geometry was ready for UV layout. I began the process of laying out the UVs, and my next goals are to finish UV layout and begin modeling for the rose window.

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