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Toy Train Procedural Animation

Softwares: Houdini, Nuke, Mantra

Responsible for all aspects except textures from, and code and animation technique from Professor Deborah Fowler (with modifications). HDRI by Greg Zaal from HDRIHaven, References images from Getty Images. See PDF document below for further breakdown.

Based on basic train motion exercise from Deborah Fowler:

Train motion video reference: Steam Trains Galore 7! - YouTube


This is a procedural animation exercise I completed at SCAD for Professor Deborah Fowler's VSFX350 class, Procedural Modeling and Animation. In this piece I modeled the assets and applied shaders, and utilized procedural animation techniques with the Pythagorean Theorem in order to effectively recreate the motion of a toy train based on Professor Deborah Fowler's technique. I then finished the piece with lighting and compositing.

Code (with adjustments) from Deborah Fowler. Created based on lectures and examples from Deborah Fowler: 

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