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Softwares: Maya, Arnold, Substance Designer and Painter, Illustrator, Photoshop, Nuke
Final Video

This was a collaborative project I got to be a part of for Senior Studio I at SCAD. Our core team of artists was myself, Kaitlyn Kearns, Alexis Behilo, Jadyn Murphy, and Shane Guion. It was such a wonderful and fun experience getting to work as a team with this group! As a team we filmed footage around Savannah for our compositing artists to work with, as well as for filler shots with no visual effects. We also had full CG shots and one CG integration shot. We had several classmates helping out in various areas as well such as assets, rigging, animation, sound, and credits design. 

I was a CG artist on the project and worked on three shots: the rose window at the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, the SCAD sign at Poetter Hall, and the Johnny Mercer statue shot:

I was responsible for all aspects of the rose window shot and the SCAD sign shot. I completed modeling, shading, textures, lighting, and compositing for these two shots. For the rose window, our producer Shane helped take quality photographs of the stained glass window which I turned into a photographic texture for the shot, and then used in Photoshop to create a mask.

I was responsible for the lighting for the CG integration Johnny Mercer statue shot, and Kaitlyn and Jadyn did the compositing.

I used HDRIs from PolyHaven, except for the Johnny Mercer shot as we used a chrome ball with bracketed exposures, which Alexis merged into an HDR. We took a lot of reference images ourselves, however I did gather some additional reference from Unsplash and Pexels as well. A breakdown of my work for these three shots is shown below.

Primary Reference
Image from Unsplash.
Images from Unsplash.
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