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Senior Studio II - Post #17

Since my last post I have spent my time working on final changes to the scene in CG, including several tweaks and adjustments as well as using lattice deformers to create the effect of breeze on the trees, and using ncloth to create some falling leaves in the background.

I was also able to resolve the issue of the Nuke export, and it seems it was the bright values being clamped. I was able to fix this and the colorspace issue when bringing the renders into Premiere by following Professor Gaynor's colorspace resource.

Post #15 Composite

Current Composite

I also have some composites of SH020 and SH030 using test renders from earlier in the weekend, but these renders from Maya are now out of date. I need to now work the new renders with final changes into the comp script.

(Note that the above render does not yet have atmosphere implemented.) For SH020 I created a separate water material so for the close up we can see the hint of what is underneath the water. For the first shot I instead used essentially a chrome material to get the bright reflection that I wanted for the look of the shot.

I worked on getting the shots rendered and pushed all three through the farm, and am currently transferring the SH020 and SH030 files to check. I might rerender a change to the atmosphere layer if time allows, but my focus now is final composites by the end of the day.

I also found some additional references as needed as I worked:

Image from Unsplash.

I found this video helpful as well as a reference as I was working on the falling leaves:

When I was deciding what way would be most efficient to create the falling leaves effect, I also used this tutorial as a resource. I went with ncloth, but still found this a helpful resource as he does discuss ncloth as well:

Finally, I also found these pages to be helpful as I was working!

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