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Senior Studio II - Post #01

This post is the first in the series for my senior studio II project at SCAD! I am looking forward to another great quarter.

For this project, I will be recreating a painting from a favorite artist of mine in CG. I have always loved landscapes, and the idea of translating one of these paintings into a CG image is really exciting to me. I first learned about this artist in a Baroque art history class I took in Fall 2022 at SCAD with Dr. Lindsay Alberts. The artist is Claude Lorrain.

I plan to use stock models and textures, and focus on lighting, look development, and compositing.

I have not officially decided which painting I would like to go with, but I saved a few as options and to show examples of the artistic style.

Fig. 1. Claude Lorrain, Landscape with the Nymph Egeria, 1669, oil on panel, Museo e Gallerie Nazionali di Capodimonte, Naples (Google Arts and Culture,

Fig. 2. Claude Lorrain, Sunrise, c. 1646-1647, oil on canvas, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (Google Arts and Culture,

Fig. 4. Claude Lorrain, Landscape with Tobias and the Angel (Landscape at Dusk), 1663, oil on canvas, Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg (Fine Art America Website,

I really love the atmosphere and lighting in these paintings. I am excited to begin work on the project!


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