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Senior Studio II - Post #07

Since my last post I continued looking for assets while focusing on UVs and making sure the geometry would work. I found 4 models for different species of trees based on the research I did for the region, and began bringing them into the scene. Unfortunately, the first free model and a few set dressing assets I had previously been using weren't going to work due to some UV and geometry issues so I had to remove them. The new assets are from CGTrader.

So far I have 2 of the 4 trees with the geometry separated, the UVs checked and layouts adjusted as needed, and the geometry checked for issues. I am also paying attention to the amount of leaves and deleting some where needed to save on poly counts and stay with the late autumn timeframe. Due to the heavy geometry, I placed each of these two trees in its own Maya file and referenced them in to place them so that I can work quicker and more efficiently.

The one tree looks to have a UV set issue which I will need to go back and fix.

Red Maple (Image from

White Oak (Image from

Tulip Tree (Image from

Black Gum (Image from

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