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Senior Studio II - Post #10

For this update, I began working on the lighting for the scene. I worked on the lighting based on the first establishing shot, and then checked to see if it held up in the other two shots and also plan to complete shot lighting later. I think the scene could use a bit more fill light. HDRI from Polyhaven.

Lighting Reference (from Unsplash)

After lighting, I checked the macbeth chart I placed in the scene and the sunlight was feeling overexposed, and I think it is because the shaders at the moment are gray lamberts and so as I was lighting I needed to increase the intensity to be able to see the effect more. I also think it could be because it is silhoutted. I will be creating all of my shaders in a look development rig with a more neutral lighting set up, so that I know they hold up. Then I will be able to have a better idea of how the lighting needs to be adjusted.

With the help of Professor Bridget Gaynor and a resource on colorspace from one of her classes, I also learned the proper colorspace settings to implement in Maya 2022 for ACES as well as in Nuke for when I begin working in that. However, I believe that the HDRI is reading in as the wrong colorspace, and need to figure out which is correct. The HDRI was feeling very oversaturated, so I adjusted it with an aiColorCorrect node to get closer to the effect I wanted after aligning it with the keylight and clamping it.

Because there would be more trees and land behind the camera, I added a card with a surface shader to block the fill light from the skydome because it was too bright at the front edge.

I will be continuing to adjust the lighting as well as beginning look development!

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