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Senior Studio II - Post #13

Since my last post I have worked in a few different areas. First, I made adjustments to the subsurface scattering of the trees as there was too much light passing through them. I also adjusted the layout to put a different tree variation in the front left.

I also adjusted the lighting. Before my last post I had decided to remove the card I had placed to block some of the fill as I felt it was not working correctly. I realigned the keylight with the skydome and then adjusted the angle and position of the light so it was more centered and a bit higher in the sky.

I also began bringing test frames into Nuke for compositing so I could do tests for depth of field to know where textures were needed. I began adding textures for the leaves shader on the ground with subsurface color and setting up displacement. I adjusted these maps from Quixel as needed for the look I wanted as I used them, using color correction for the subsurface color and the scale and subdivisions for the displacement.

The primary references for the scene are included in the last blog post.



I pushed through the rest of the pipeline, importing all of the references and rendering on the farm, bringing the renders into Nuke, and exporting from Nuke and bringing renders into Premiere. I ran into color management issues between the softwares, and applied color corrections to maintain the color as best I could.

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