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Senior Studio II - Post #15

I continued work in a few different areas for this update. First, I worked in all of the textures I needed (from Quixel) into the shaders, and where necessary I adjusted them to get the look I wanted. In some cases I could not find specific textures for the type of tree I was working on, so I found textures with the closest look I could and then adjusted to match the reference images. I still have improvements I'd like to work on, but the textures have been worked in. I ended up not needing to add textures for the oak leaves because they were further in the background and will be blurred with depth of field.

I also began work on the set extension, using images from Unsplash. I still want to add more to the set extension like an area of water the river would be connected to. I worked in compositing as well on starting to test out atmosphere and rays in the first shot, and adding a bit of color correction and vignette. The color correction helped me get an idea of how I want to adjust the lighting, so that I can get that look closer in render.

I added subtle animation to the ripples of the water, and rendered out a sequence of the first shot. I see various things to work on, like addressing the noise and fireflies as well as some other adjustments to make.

Finally, I included sound in this update from Mixkit.

There are a lot of improvements I want to make this week but I am happy with how it is looking!

The bright sun spot in the first shot is not writing correctly out of Nuke, so the look is not what I wanted. I suspect it might be a colorspace issue.

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