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Visit Savannah Project - Post #02

Our main progress so far has been on filming and capturing the footage needed for our project.

On Monday (1/9), we went out as a team to begin capturing drone footage, some of which is shown below. Shane operated his drone camera to get our opening shot coming into Savannah, as well as some additional footage that we could possibly include in the edit.

We also began capturing the footage for our other shots on Wednesday (1/11), and will continue filming on Thursday (1/12). I will include some of this footage in a future update once all the files are organized and ready to go!

Over the last few days I also worked on gathering references for our CG shots with Alexis. I was able to take some on location for one of Alexis's shots, the jukebox (not shown), as well as for my two shots (selections of both shown below).

The two fully CG shots I will be responsible for are VS_040 (the rose window) and VS_070 (the SCAD sign).

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist rose window and additional stained glass reference.

For the rose window I also gathered references from Unsplash and Pexels to establish the look and lighting we might want to go for in this shot. These are shown below.

SCAD sign and surrounding area reference.

Looking forward to a great quarter with the team!

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