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Visit Savannah Project - Post #18

Since my last update I worked on the lighting for the Johnny Mercer CG integration shot. We have several artists working on this shot, and after Alexis began look development she sent it to me to begin lighting.

I started out setting up lighting using the styrofoam ball reference, and then brought the statue model into the scene and adjusted. Because the footage we have has him backlit and very much in shadow, we decided to rework the lighting a bit so that he is still backlit and integrated but much more visible.

Styrofoam Ball Reference

Styrofoam Ball Match First Pass

While the match was close, when I brought the statue into the scene a lot of bounce light and saturation was too strong, so I had to tone down certain elements and rework the lighting to make it work better visually.

Footage Reference

Statue Lighting

Rerender of Styrofoam Ball with Statue Lighting Adjustments

I would also like to work on adding a gobo for this shot to get the cast shadow of the leaves and trees on the statue.

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