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Visit Savannah Project - Post #03

Our team wrapped up most of filming on Thursday (1/12), with the exception of a few drone shots. We were really happy with how everything came out, and spent extra time around Savannah capturing additional footage that could be worked into the edit.

Additional shot I took outside of Leopold's and SCAD's Trustees Theater. One of my favorite parts of the filming process was the inspiration we found just walking around to our different locations. Along the way we would come across another park or fountain or little snapshot that we knew would really add to our project and convey the beauty of Savannah.

We plan to edit together the footage on Tuesday (1/17) to update our previs video of reference images.

I also began work on modeling for VS_070, as shown below. I would like to continue adjusting this model by adding more divisions where needed, rounding the sharp edges, and adding more beveling. I want to make small adjustments to make sure the model is proportional to real world scale as well.

Below is the image from the previs reference video. We are having some conversations on if we want to bring the camera out a little bit to show more of the sign as well as the emblem, which will help me to make decisions on how many divisions and how much detail is needed.


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