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Visit Savannah Project - Post #06

Since my last post I have made more progress with the model assets for my two shots. I started by completing UV layout for the assets for the SCAD sign, VS_070, as shown below.

I took several reference images of the SCAD sign to follow while modeling, which were a huge help to ensure that the sign was proportionally accurate to the real one. There was a bit of a challenge as these references do have perspective in them, but I was still able to use them effectively to model the sign accurately.

After completing UV layout for this shot, I was also able to begin modeling for VS_040. I had previously placed approximate geometry in order to get an idea of camera, however, I started over from scratch when I was ready to really begin modeling. Because this window is a complex shape, I spent time observing the reference images in order to decide how I wanted to go about this. After looking at the layout and structure of the window, I decided that the way I want to approach this is to model the more simple geometric shapes separate first, and then move towards the more complex curved areas. I found it made more sense to me to model them as separate pieces when needed, and to plan to weld them together later where needed.

I also found it helpful in order to make sure everything is symmetrical to build out the frame of the entire window, but I will only be fully modeling the section that will be visible in the camera move.

On Wednesday (1/25), Kaitlyn, Alexis, and I also were able to pitch our project to a sound design class in order to recruit a sound designer for the project! Alexis also reached out to motion media students in order to find an artist to create our end slide and end credits. We are looking forward to working with these talented artists and can't wait for them to join the team!

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