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Visit Savannah Project - Post #11

After finishing the stained glass window model, I worked on UV layout so that the asset is ready for textures during the look development process.

I then began work on the first pass of lighting. I focused on the shot of the SCAD sign, VS_070, and collected lighting reference. I did this first pass of lighting with just the gray lambert shaders, and once I have the first pass of the actual shaders in the scene I will be able to iterate and adjust the lighting. I would love to eventually add in a gobo for a more dynamic visual as well! (HDRI from Polyhaven)

Lighting Reference (from Unsplash)

I then began to work on look development for this shot. I set up my look development rig with a daytime lighting situation, as this is what my reference images are in so I will be able to produce the shaders more accurately. (HDRI from Polyhaven)


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