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Visit Savannah Project - Post #14

Since my last update I created base shaders for the background models, and then applied the shaders in my scene. Once I had them in the scene, I adjusted the lighting and a few shader settings. I also switched to using a spotlight instead of a directional light so I could experiment with a gobo. For this update I used procedural noise for the gobo map, but I plan to replace that. There is also some geometry issues from the displacement that I will fix.

I then brought the render into compositing to test out DOF and make a few adjustments, but mainly to see how much detail will be needed in the background. I used a grid texture for the brick as a placeholder for the DOF test, but next I will be creating textures for that.

Once I brought the shaders in I realized I was not entirely happy with the camera, so I experimented with some changes as shown below. I am still undecided on which I would like to go with, and plan to adjust more.

Original Camera

Possible New Camera

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