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Visit Savannah Project - Post #17

I have spent more time on both VS_040 (the rose window) and VS_070 (the SCAD sign). For the SCAD sign, I made the final changes to the gobo. I painted an image in photoshop using the foliage brush, and then used a transform node in Nuke to animate warping on the image, and then used that image sequence as a texture on the geometry to render out of Maya. Once I had this sequence, I used it as a mask for the direct AOV to block the direct light from the sun where it would be blocked by trees (the gobo).

I still need to sort out the overall colorspace issue I am having, so this render appears a bit lifted compared to what it is meant to be. I will be working on sorting this out next.

I also made more progress on the rose window shot. I began developing the shaders in a look development rig, but because lighting is so closely tied to the shaders especially in this shot, I exported the shaders to my shot file to test.

I also used the mask test from my previous post, and in photoshop painted out areas to get a better mask for the specific areas that needed displacement (the lining between the pieces of glass.) I added an HDRI from Polyhaven to the scene, and adjusted lighting as well, and added atmosphere as a test to get a sense of how the scene would look.

Adjusted map from luminance key of texture image, used for layer shader mix map and displacement.

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